Artlord’s work explores acts of mark making, and the relationships between current and recycled pop culture.

Artlord's body of work consists of paintings and street installations. Using themes of current pop and recycled culture, Artlord seduces the viewer into a world of colorful chaos, while maintaining an undeniable aesthetic appeal.

His paintings can radiate a cold and latent violence, and other times create a sense of playfulness and joy. The visual seductiveness of Artlord's work is acheived through the use of bright colors and texture, along with the stability created through the use of hand cut stencils and screens. The use of bright color and thick texture, further builds the works depth; both contextually as well as physically.

By accentuating aesthetics, Artlord touches various overlapping themes and styles. Several reoccurring subject matters can be recognized throughout his work; the relation between popular culture and media, repetition, provocation, and a deeper look into the process of expectations; particularly with recycled pop culture icons.

Artlord’s works often refers to pop and mass culture. Using text, vibrant colors, and a street art aesthetic; he creates a euphoric world where light-heartedness meets undermined rules. 

Artlord currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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